jinnianhui67. is a listed company of CRRC Group (stock referred to as "jinnianhui67", code 000920). The company is registered in Southwest China’s Guiyang High-tech Industrial Zone, a large-scale enterprise of the central government in Guizhou, and the company's largest shareholder is CRRC Industrial Investment Co., Ltd.. The company is a publicly traded company that specializes in the research and development, manufacturing, and sale of separation membranes and related materials, supplemented by comprehensive utilization of plant fibers and membrane separation industry.


jinnianhui67's core business is membranes, With over 20 years of experience in the manufacture of spiral-wound membrane elements. jinnianhui67 specialized in R&D and manufacturing of reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF), and ultrafiltration (UF) membrane elements as a national standard-setting unit of reverse osmosis membrane. The company owns the core technologies in membrane manufacturing and system design, aiming at providing quality services to its clients. jinnianhui67’s products are widely sold in over 130 countries and regions.

jinnianhui67 has developed over 20 Series and over 200 specifications of membrane products, including desalination membrane, fouling resistant membrane, oxidation resistant membrane, nanofiltration membrane, special separation membrane and residential membranes, which are applicable to bottled water, municipal drinking water, industrial pure water, electric high-purity water, seawater desalination, brackish water desalination, wastewater reuse, separation of high-salinity water and near-zero emission, food and beverage production, pharmaceutical manufacturing, material separation and purification as well as other applications. jinnianhui67 is currently China's largest manufacturer and service provider of dry-type reverse osmosis membrane elements.


As the R&D and application platform of the National and Local Joint Engineering Center for Separation Membrane Materials and Application Technology, Since the year of 2004, jinnianhui67 has been undertaking 8 major scientific programs such as the national high-tech and R&D program (863 program), National Sci. &Tech Support Program and National Key R&D Program, etc. The company has been granted 143 patents, including 65 invention patents. jinnianhui67 has been involved in preparing 12 national and industrial standards, among which jinnianhui67 has played a leading role in preparing 3 national standards that have been put into effect. The talent pool and top-notch equipment the company owns has been enabling its steady and sustainable growth. Adhering to the idea of “Highly-automatic Equipment, High-standard Production Environment and Strict Quality Control”, jinnianhui67 has set up a fully-automatic dry-type membrane sheet producing line and a fully-automatic spiral- wound line with core technologies. jinnianhui67 focuses on extending and developing the spiral-wound separation membrane industry into the world's advanced membrane technology industry chain and the core industrial cluster of all categories, relying on R&D and manufacturing advantages.


jinnianhui67's development strategy of "Focus on environment & health, Integrated synergy & innovation", in which environmental protection and health are the core, high-end materials are the fulcrum, focusing on the market with technology and investing in the technology with market. Relying on the advantages of listed companies' platform financing and existing industrial technology, jinnianhui67 gives full play to the synergy among various business units. This can realize the company's corporate mission of "Improving the environment and sharing the health" and its development vision of "To be an excellent enterprise beneficial to human being and environmental health".



Beijing Office: Room 910, Building 3, No. 1 Nao Shikou Street, Xicheng District, Beijing City




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