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Power Industry


Power Industry Successful Case

  1. Background

  The power industry is an important basic energy industry in the development of the national economy. The invention of electricity has promoted the development of modern civilization and is an important industry that boosts the development of the national economy and social progress of the country. However, an inevitable problem for global power industry is the issue of water treatment. The power system has special requirements for water quality, and a suitable water treatment system can greatly save energy, reduce the cost of the power industry, be environmentally friendly, and achieve economic and sustainable development. Water treatment in the power industry has always been an important concern of the industry.

  The advent of reverse osmosis membrane technology has proposed a good solution for power water treatment. While ensuring the quality of the circulating cooling water and boiler feed water, it can also control the water quantity through water reuse, which greatly reduces water consumption and the cost of water production.

  2. Case: Water Recycling Project of Thermal Power Plant



The project is one of the key projects at the municipal level, which is supported by the state for energy conservation, emission reduction and the development of circular economy.

Project Location:Liaoning China

Water Quality:Standard Lever 2 Sewage water

Use of Permeate water:Circulate Cooling water

Time in Operation:2006


Type of Element:Fouling Resistant Elements

Operation Lifetime:Over 7 years

  3. Cost: Benefit Analysis

  The cost of fixed asset depreciation, energy consumption, chemical consumption and labor costs is RMB 2.70 / t (including raw water cost of RMB 0.48 and now reclaimed water cost of RMB 0.42 ). At present, the local price of tap water is RMB 4.42 / t. The project can save about 3.2 million tons of tap water each year and save about RMB 5.5 million in the cost of purchasing tap water. In addition, the company can save RMB 3.4 million per year in terms of follow-up processing costs, saving RMB 8.9 million / year in total, and the investment can be recovered in 3 years. Furthermore, the project can reuse 4.8 million tons of secondary effluent from urban sewage treatment plants each year, reduce COD emissions by more than 300 tons, and reduce ammonia nitrogen emissions by about 140 tons, which has obvious economic and environmental benefits.

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