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Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical Industry


Petrochemical Industry Successful Case

  1. Background

  Petrochemical industry is an important pillar of the national economy. While the industry is developing steadily, the total amount of wastewater discharged from the industry has remained high. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, with the improvement of life quality and the emphasis on energy conservation and emission reduction, on the one hand, the people's requirements for the intensity of industrial wastewater discharge are becoming stricter; on the other hand, the industry's wastewater treatment situation is grim, as there will be less and less space for wastewater, while the cost will be higher and higher.

  2. Case

  2.1 Desalination project of a Petrochemical group



This Petrochemical group is one of the four enterprises qualified for oil and natural gas exploration and development in China, and it is also a large-scale energy and chemical enterprise that integrates the comprehensive development, deep transformation and recycling of oil, natural gas, coal and other resources.

Project Location: Shan Xi Province

Feed water Quality: Underground Water

Use of Permeate Water: Production water of Chemical industry

Time in Operation: 2016

Capacity: 8424m3/d

Type of Element: Fouling Resistant Elements

No. of Set: 3 Units

  2.2 Process water of an Petrochemical company

  Feed Water Quality: Underground Water

  Use of Permeate Water: Boiler and chemical production

  Time in Operation:2016

  Capacity: 7200m3/d

  Type of Element: Fouling Resistant Elements

  No. of Set: 3 Units

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