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  Three-year Warranty for Industral RO Membrane Elements

  jinnianhui67 RO membrane elements shall be used according to the specifications and procedures set forth by jinnianhui67. (hereinafter referred to “jinnianhui67”), and only on this condition will jinnianhui67 ensure a three-year period of limited quality guarantee, with the terms specified as follows:

  jinnianhui67 ensures that the RO elements manufactured and sold are intact in respect of production technologies and materials. jinnianhui67 undertakes a 12-month guarantee from the arrival of the product at the buyer's designated place or port. When jinnianhui67 examined a defection on the product in accordance with this clause, jinnianhui67 guarantees to repair or replace it without any charges.

  Performance Assurance

  1. According to the test conditions specified in the product sample, the new membrane products have the initial performance specified in the brochure.

  2. jinnianhui67 warrants the performance of its elements for three years from the date when the RO system is put into operation or 6 months after the goods is shipped (whichever occurs first), during which period jinnianhui67 warrants as follows:

  Performance of element within a three-year period of limited warranty

  (1) When used or tested under standard test conditions, and the pressure of initial average water production, the average salt passage should not exceed 2 times of the value specified in the Product Manual.

  (2) When used or tested under test conditions, the average water permeate flow is no less than 70% of the minimum value specified in the Product Manual.

  Initial Performance

  jinnianhui67 guarantees the initial minimum permeate flow and rejection rate as specified in the technical specifications. These parameters are obtained under standard testing conditions set forth by jinnianhui67. If these membrane elements fail to reach the minimum initial values as specified, jinnianhui67 will, after confirming the performance failure, repair the membrane elements or refund to customers for those defective membrane elements, in which case jinnianhui67 will bear the freight charges.

  In case the buyer fails to satisfy any of the following requirements, jinnianhui67 will bear no liability on the three-year quality warranty mentioned above:

  ⑴ Feed water turbidity exceed 1.0NTU; SDI15(15min, 30psi) exceed 5; feed water temperature higher than 45℃.

  ⑵ Feed water contains any harmful substance that may cause physical and chemical damage to the membrane elements.

  ⑶ Before being installed or put into operation, the membrane elements shall be stored in original packing box and preserved at the temperature not higher than 45℃ for dry-type membranes and at the temperature within 0~45℃ for wet-type membranes.

  ⑷ The pH value of feed water shall be within the range of 3~10 during regular running. When the system is cleaned, the pH value of feed water shall be within 2~12.

  ⑸ The feed water shall not contain such oxidizing substances such as chlorine, potassium permanganate and hypochlorous acid radical, etc. (Notes: This clause is not applicable to HOR series)

  ⑹ The maximum operating pressure for membrane element is as follows (except otherwise specified in the product instructions):

  Membrane SeriesMax Operating Pressure

Membrane Series

Max Operating Pressure

XLP Series

600 psi

 ULP Series

600 psi

 LP Series

600 psi

SW Series

1200 psi

ZERO-HP Series 1200 psi

 FR&PURO Series

600 psi

HOR Series

600 psi


1740 psi


  ⑺ In any case, the backpressure exerted on the membrane element should not exceed 5 psi, and the membrane element should be avoided from the impact of water hammer when the system is in operation.

  ⑻ If under standard operating conditions, the performance of system decreases by 10% or the contamination or scaling occurs, the membrane elements should be cleaned immediately in accordance with specified procedures.

  ⑼ Membrane assembly arrangement, instrument configuration, recovery rate and other system components and design parameters should be consistent with the engineering design; jinnianhui67 renders no liability on the damage of membrane elements caused by improper operation during the installation process.

  ⑽ It is required that user should frequently and systematically record the standardized performance data of the whole system and its subsystems, ensure that these data are genuine, complete and consistent, and keep these data on file for future reference. When compensation is claimed, this information will be the evidence.

  The Conditions of Forming a RO System

  ① Completed and effective pretreatment, arrangement of membrane components, installation of instruments, design standards of equipment and components should comply with jinnianhui67 Reverse Osmosis Membrane Design Guidelines and related technical standards. jinnianhui67 has the right to check whether the design meets the design guidelines and related technical standards.

  ② The RO system shall be equipped with proper devices and applicable protective measures to prevent the breeding of microbial contamination and other kinds of contamination.

  Conditions of Feed Water

  ①The feed water of RO system must ensure that the membrane surface will not suffer the adhesion by any of the colloidal matter, microorganism or other sediments

  ② The RO membrane should be free from the damage of those harmful chemicals, such as surfactant, organic solvent, grease, high-molecular polymer, etc.

  ③ The feed water should be free from any strong oxidative substance, such as ozone, chlorine or potassium permanganate, etc.

  ④ The feed water temperature shall be lower than 45℃.

  ⑤ The SDI15 of feed water shall be lower than 5 all the time, and the maximum turbidity of feed water shall be less than 1.0NTU, while the turbidity of feed water in continuous operation shall be controlled within 0.3~0.5NTU, and the SDI15 shall be preferably lower than 3.

  ⑥ The feed water should not contained any colloidal sulfur.

  Operating Conditions

  ① The most suitable system recovery rate should be determined according to the degree of precipitation of insoluble substances

  ② During the operation, the RO system shall be surely free from scaling formed by calcium, magnesium, barium, strontium, and silicon, etc.

  ③ When the high-pressure pump is running, the RO system shall be equipped with special-purpose device to prevent RO elements from being affected by the water hammer.

  ④ The RO system shall use the chemicals as recommended or permitted by jinnianhui67.

  Cleaning Conditions

  Refer to jinnianhui67 Membrane Element Cleaning Guidelines

  Important notice during the use of RO elements

  ① For the recommended design scope, please refer to the latest version of jinnianhui67 technical manual, design guide, or consult with technical experts. If the user does not strictly follow the operating conditions, jinnianhui67 bears no consequences arising from the default.The storage of membrane elements should be in accordance with the stipulations indicated in the product manual. Keep elements moist constantly after using. The wet-type elements have been treated with the preservative solution made of RO purified water and 1.0% sodium hydrogen sulfite (an antifreeze solution of 10% propanetriol is required in winter), then sealed with plastic bags in vacuum, and further packed in carton boxes.

  ② The RO water produced in the first hour of running shall be discarded.

  ③ During storage and run time, it is strictly prohibited to dose any chemical medicament that may be harmful to membrane elements. In case of any violation in using this kind of chemical medicament, jinnianhui67 assumes no liability.

  ④ For initial flushing of membrane elements, it is recommended that the membrane elements shall be flushed with properly pretreated water for 15~25 minutes under low pressure (not suitable for soaking or overnight soaking), and then be flushed for 60~90 minutes under high pressure (water permeate flow not less than 50% of designed system capacity). Scale inhibitors are not allowed to be added in low pressure flushing. Scale inhibitors are added in high pressure operation flushing. All permeate water and brine water should be discharged in the process of flushing.

  Warranty Statement:

  Any failure or refusal to provide complete information of jinnianhui67 RO membrane products will invalidate the warranty.

  This warranty statement excludes any indirect, punitive, implicative, special liability for damages.

  7-2 Membrane Products Repair and Removal Procedure

  In case the customer requests to implement the procedures on repair and replacement of membrane elements, the following procedures set forth by jinnianhui67 shall be implemented:

  7-2-1 Membrane Element Repair Procedure

  It is necessary to contact jinnianhui67 regional sales manager before obtaining the approval of repairing.

  The repairing and replacement testing procedure can be two options: one is call for jinnianhui67 technicians to come to the site for testing; the other is the customer send membrane element back to jinnianhui67 for testing.

   In case of on-the-spot inspection and testing:

  ⑴ For the products within the quality guarantee period and the problems caused by the membrane materials or the production technologies, jinnianhui67 shall, upon the completion of the inspection and testing, bear all the expenses for inspection, testing and the freight.

  ⑵ For the products within the quality guarantee period but the problems which are not caused by the membrane materials or the production technologies, the customer shall, upon completion of the inspection and testing, bear all the expenses for inspection and the freight.

  ⑶ As for the products beyond the quality guarantee period, the customer shall, upon completion of the inspection and testing, bear all the expenses for inspection and testing and the freight charges.

  ② In case of returning the elements to jinnianhui67 for inspection and testing:

  ⑴ The customer shall fill in “Registration Form for Return, Repair and Replacement of Membrane Element(s)”, and send it to the regional sales manager by e-mail, fax or other ways. Upon confirmation, the regional sales manager shall notify the customer to return the membrane elements.

  ⑵ Beside returning the membrane element, the customer shall also provide the following information:

  ■ Model and serial number of membrane element, and contract number.

  ■ Detailed description of failures of product

  ■ All data that can reflect the properties of membrane element(s) returned, such as rejection rate, temperature, pressure, salt concentration of feed water, and permeate flow, etc.

  Packaging and Transportation

  ① Before returning transportation, the customer shall take all necessary measures to protect and store the membrane elements as stipulated in the terms set forth in the technical announcement.

  ② The returned elements shall be packed in sealed plastic bags and then placed in the carton boxes to avoid mechanical damage in the course of transportation, and shall be surely kept away from moisture and exposure to sunlight.

  ③ After obtained the return notice from jinnianhui67, the customer shall send out the membrane element(s) as soon as possible in order to avoid the change in properties of membrane element(s).

  Inspection and Testing Procedure

  ① In case it is necessary to conduct destructive experiment on the returned membrane element(s) for the purpose of technical inspection, jinnianhui67 shall, upon having its regional sales manager of jinnianhui67 contacting the customer and obtaining authorization from the customer, carry out the destructive experiment.

  ② As for the membrane element(s) within the quality guarantee term, if the testing result proves that the problem of membrane element(s) is not caused by the membrane materials or the producing process, the customer shall bear all of the expenses for inspection and testing, and cannot get any compensation. jinnianhui67 will, according to the instructions of customer, dispose of the membrane element(s) or, at the customer's charges, send back the element(s) to the customer.

  ③ In case the testing result proves that there actually exists defect in the material or producing process of the membrane element(s), jinnianhui67 will bear the expenses for inspection and testing; Besides, the customer can obtain the membrane element(s) compensated by jinnianhui67 that are in conformity with the technical specifications, with the freight charges.

  ④ As for the membrane element(s) beyond the quality guarantee term, the customer shall bear all the expenses for inspection, testing and replacement of membrane element(s) as well as the freight charges.

  Additional Provisions

  In case jinnianhui67 doesn't receive the membrane element(s) within the specified time, it will notify the customer of ending the repair program. In general case, the specified time shall be within one month from the date when the customer receives the Registration Form for Repair and Replacement of Membrane Elements signed by the regional sales manager of jinnianhui67.

  The quality warranty shall be invalidated upon the occurrence of any of the following:

  ■ The membrane element no serial number on the label.

  ■ It is obviously visible that the membrane element(s) has suffered the contamination in operation.

  ■ The mechanical damage is obviously visible, which is caused in the course of service.

  ■ The membrane element has been damaged due to improper storage or transportation.

  ■ The membrane element(s) has/have been transformed without the permission of jinnianhui67.

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